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MadLab Mardi Gras. This Saturday. Let's do this!

Volatility, MadLab's annual fundraiser is back! This year marks MadLab's eighth year of Volatility. In the past we have
raised money to pay for our heating & cooling, electrical system, new ceilings and several other renovations that have been put to use in order
to make your experience in our facility a better one. So please come support the only completely original, alternative arts space in Columbusand see a slew of great bands and entertainers in the process.

Volatility will be held JULY 18th at MadLab, 105 N. Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

Admission is $5 for all. Doors open at 2p. The last band will go on-stage at midnight

Food * Beer * Bands * Improv * Belly Dancers * Silent Art Auction
Sponsored by our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon and CD101
Indoor and outdoor stage schedules below.
Volatility has been instrumental in MadLab's ongoing survival and space improvements. To date, we have nearly $20,000 from this fundraiser and have made improvements that include, but are not limited to our heating and cooling system, electrical upgrades, ceiling replacement, a new projector and much more. Volatility continues to be our largest single event of our year and we thank all those that volunteer and attend each and every year, especially all of our wonderful bands and performers.

2. Volatility Indoor Stage

This year at Volatility we're changing things up a little. So, the indoor stage is gonna be a variety show with true variety. Films, plays, improv comedy, bands, belly dancers, stand up comedy and 2 sober guys MCing.

2:00 - Film
3:00 - Parlor Tricks (Improv)
3:30 - Fake Bacon & The Shimmy Shake Project (Improv)
4:30 - Film
5:00 - Stand-up -- Sumukh Torgalkar
Rye Silverman
Nathan Smart
Matt Eyer
5:30 - When the Honey Dries Up (Play)
6:00 - Rhakjanni (Belly Dancers)
6:30 - Squishy! (Improv)
7:00 - Film
7:30 - Khalida Tribe (Belly Dancers)
8:00 - Stand-up – Sean Somerville
Travis Hoewischer
Dean Masello
Mike Kolar
8:30 - Full Frontal Nudity (Improv)
10:00 - The Receiver
11:00 - Ghost Shirt
12:00 - Bozniaks

3. Volatility Outdoor Stage

The outdoor stage won't be changing. Great rock and roll, comfortable theatre seating, outside in the sun, with beer and italian sausage very nearby.

2:00 - The Shazbots
3:00 - Captain Exploder
3:45 - The Garrison
4:30 - Hotel War
5:30 - Bicentennial Bear
6:30 - Hotel Eden
7:30 - Deerhead
8:30 - Silo The Huskie

105 N Grant Ave
Columbus OH 43215
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